Traffic Management Plan

The Importance of TMPs to the Successful Completion of a Project

Protecting both workers and drivers is paramount while performing road maintenance tasks.

As acknowledged by professionals working in the traffic field, the surge in vehicular congestion coupled with rampant building developments presents several obstacles. Thus, businesses intending to affect transport patterns must execute robust traffic management plans for efficient deployment with minimal risk.

Our dedication to traffic control and planning at Glen Traffic knows no bounds. Our team of experts works tirelessly alongside you and your team, meticulously ensuring that all government regulations are met while adhering strictly to safety requirements and traffic control industry standards during the setup of your work zone. Rest assured that our plan’s costs are flexible, as we strive to make adjustments based on what best suits you without compromising the quality delivered by us every step of the way on this journey as partners.

Cooperating with Authorities

To manage traffic effectively means adapting one’s approaches based on unique circumstances – this is particularly true for local road authorities who face complex challenges on a regular basis. That’s where Glen Traffic comes in: our team of experts works intimately with these authorities to create customized traffic control plans that achieve your desired results while ensuring full compliance with all corresponding regulations. We collaborate both with local municipal traffic / permitting departments and provincial transportation ministries – maximizing our skill set across Traffic Plan Categories 1-3 (and providing engineer endorsements if need be) – all to optimize the success of your project.

Reliable and Effective

Our skilled professionals possess an unparalleled competence that enables them to meticulously examine all your requirements, and then work alongside you towards developing a traffic control system deemed optimal for preserving overall safety. We understand the urgency that underlies timely delivery of our services- thus we chart out efficient plans aimed at providing fast and cost-effective solutions. In addition, maintaining absolute protection within workplaces remains our topmost priority- one which we have sustained with considerable success.

Scalable, Adaptable Service

Choose Glen Traffic for all your traffic project management needs, regardless of how complex or large your project may be! With our innovative solutions tailored explicitly towards this matter, our team stands ready at all times! Moreover, partnering with us guarantees top-class assistance, no matter what scale of the assignment may be. We understand that every project requires a thorough and tailored approach and therefore we provide site-specific hazard assessment consultations with on-site visits to ensure that you receive precisely what you need. Further, we cater to any kind of event for traffic control needs. We ensure both guests and partners experience complete and utter ease when attending your event. 

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    What services does Glen Traffic Management Company provide?

    Glen Traffic Management Company offers a range of traffic management services, including traffic planning, road closures, traffic diversions, temporary traffic signals, traffic signage, and more.

    You can contact Glen Traffic Management Company by phone at +1 604 805 0005or by email at Additionally, you can visit our website at www. for more information.

    Yes, Glen Traffic Management Company is fully licensed and complies with all relevant regulations and standards in the field of traffic management. We prioritize safety and adhere to industry best practices.

    Glen Traffic Management Company has been in the traffic management industry for over 9 years. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in managing traffic for various projects and events.

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