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Commencing In 2025

At Glen Childcare, we have the heart of perfect caring! Our experienced and nurturing staff is committed to creating a welcoming environment where your children can feel loved and supported as they learn, grow, and develop. Glen Childcare aims to be a home away from home, for your children!

Where Children Can Learn, Grow, and Thrive

Glen Childcare is a top-rated daycare center in the Lower Mainland that is focused on the overall development of children. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment that is welcoming to children and their families. Our goal is to help children grow, thrive and reach their full potential.

At Glen Childcare, we offer the following:

High-Quality Care and Education: We are dedicated to offering the best care and education for your children. We have an experienced and nurturing staff. They are dedicated to providing structured activities and educational experiences that support your child’s emotional, mental, and physical development.

Extended Hours: We understand the importance of extended hours at daycare, especially if you are a single parent. We offer our extended hours services so that you will be able to work longer without feeling stressed. For parents with irregular schedules, such as shift workers, our extended hours can provide a reliable and consistent source of care.

Convenient Location: Our daycare is located in the convenient location of Lower Mainland. This can help save time and effort on commuting. It allows you to drop off and pick up your child on your way to and from work without travelling too far.

Safe and Clean Environment: Our clean and hygienic environment will give you peace of mind and is also important for your children’s development by providing a healthy and stimulating environment.

Fun and engaging activities: At Glen Childcare, we understand the importance of fun activities in supporting children’s development. It keeps them engaged and interested in learning and fosters a positive attitude towards learning. That’s why we offer a variety of age-appropriate, stimulating, and educational activities and programs to keep children engaged and learning. From art and music to science, math, and literacy, we have something for every child’s interests and passions. We also encourage children to be involved in planning and choosing activities that interest them.

At Glen Childcare, your child will explore the world and communities around them. This will develop the knowledge and skills that will help them in the future. We teach children to respect themselves and others. At the same time, we also ensure that every child has a positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling school experience. So they look forward to coming to the daycare every day! We believe in laying a solid foundation for your child. They learn to interact with others, share responsibilities, and become a global citizen.

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