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Thanksgiving 2023

This Thanksgiving, Glen Group decided to celebrate in a unique and heartfelt way. Instead of traditional indoor gatherings, we took to the field to express our gratitude to our dedicated employees. On Thanksgiving morning, our team braved the October chill to surprise our field workers with hot coffee, tea, and delicious donuts.
Our field employees, often working long hours and enduring varying weather conditions, are the unsung heroes behind our projects. Their commitment to meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations is at the core of Glen Group’s success. This Thanksgiving, we wanted to show our appreciation for their unwavering dedication.
Gratitude isn’t just a sentiment; it’s an action. This Thanksgiving, we demonstrated that even a warm cup of coffee, soothing tea, and a delightful donut can be powerful expressions of thanks. As we reflect on this unique celebration, we carry the warmth of the experience into the future, knowing that at Glen Group, gratitude is a year-round practice, and it’s the dedication of our teams that propels us forward.


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