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Celebrating Our Fearless Females: Glen Group's International Women's Day

In Glen Group of Companies, we are committed to empower women and recognize their contribution to the organization and society. We value each and every woman. We celebrate their acts of courage, determination, and strength.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and to honor the women who play an extraordinary role in the success of the company, we have invited a special public speaker, Dr. Leonarda Aguinalde, to talk about Women Empowerment. She is known as a highly empowering and enthusiastic

public speaker with an unquenchable  passion for living life to the fullest and inspiring women that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. Further, games, gifts, and food were prepared to make the session more special. The meaningful celebration ended with empowered and motivated women with smiles on their faces and happiness showing through their eyes.


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