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Glen Group Gala Event 2023

Glen Group Gala Event 2023

Glen Group of Companies: Expanding Horizons and Opportunities

The Glen Group of Companies hosted their annual event on January 7th, 2023. The event was an opportunity for the company to show appreciation for the hard work, support, and dedication of its employees, families, and clients, as well as a chance for everyone to relax, socialize and enjoy delicious food. To make the night more exciting, the gala featured a light show performance with Glen Group banner, an open dance floor, and lots of gifts.

“This is a huge night for us, coming together to celebrate our success.”

The inspiring story of CEO CG Singh started in 2015 when he came to Canada as an international student and founded Karas Security. In a span of 7 years, CG Singh had already expanded onto several industries with its successful business verticals: Glen Traffic, Glen Homes, Glen Recruiters, and Glen Training School.

“There was a need, we saw the need, and we jump in. That’s what Glen Group is all about.”

CEO CG Singh shared the company’s new milestones set for 2023, including the launch of the Glen App, Glen Childcare, and Glen Real Estate Group. Firstly, he aims to achieve sustainability through the Glen App which would serve as a one-stop platform for all communication between employer and employees. The Glen App will be available Mid 2023 and the company will be entirely paperless by 2024.  Secondly, he saw the need to fill a void and help single parents or working parents by establishing Glen Childcare which will be providing extended hours of care to children so parents can focus on their career. Lastly, the inception of Glen Real Estate Group with the vision of making big decisions easier with a dedicated team who can give the right knowledge to make the right decision.

“We will keep adding new companies. We will keep adding new careers.

Indeed, there is no stopping CEO CG Singh to launch into different industries and open new companies. Soon, the banner of Glen Group will be seen all over. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this growing family.

“We are here to build a trustworthy brand in which everybody can rely on. Glen Group of Companies is the best place to be, both for growth and for opportunity.”

Glen Group of Companies.
Your Partner, forever.


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