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BC road builder: 57th Annual General Meeting and Holiday Celebration

Glen Traffic is honored to announce our distinguished role as the Platinum Sponsor for the 57th Annual General Meeting and Holiday Celebration hosted by BC Road Builders in Victoria.

Our anticipation is underscored by the recognition of the profound importance of fostering robust connections within the industry. This event stands as a paramount platform for cultivating these relationships, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, esteemed delegates, and fellow sponsors.

This strategic collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to bolstering the construction and road-building community across Canada. It symbolizes more than sponsorship; it signifies an earnest endeavor to share our industry expertise, glean insights from peers, and actively contribute to the sustained growth of our dynamic field.

We look ahead with enthusiasm to partake in meaningful conversations, extensive networking, and collectively celebrate the notable achievements of the past year. As we unite in this festive occasion, we also gear up for the promising opportunities that the forthcoming year holds.


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