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Glen Group: Inspiring Employee Stories Unveiled

Thriving Together: Unveiling Glen Group's Employee Culture

What truly sets Glen Group apart is our commitment to creating a work environment that fosters engagement, camaraderie, and creativity. We believe that a dynamic workplace culture doesn’t just happen on its own – it’s nurtured and cultivated. From quirky office rituals to our active involvement in local community events, we have a plethora of fun facts and traditions that make Glen Group a special place to work.In our everyday activities, we encourage team bonding, knowledge sharing, and celebrating milestones, both personal and professional. Whether it’s a bring-your-kidto-work day, a weekly brainstorming session, or surprise celebrations, we make sure that our culture is vibrant, inclusive, and filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth.By unveiling our culture and sharing our fun facts and traditions, we hope to emphasize our commitment to creating a workplace where every team member thrives. We believe that a healthy work culture not only benefits our employees but also positively impacts the services we provide and the communities we serve. Behind the scenes at Glen Group, it’s the dedication, passion, and camaraderie of our team that drives us forward, shaping our future and inspiring us to excel.

Nina - People and Culture Specialist

My name is Nina, I am people and Culture Specialist at Glen Recruiters which is a division of Glen Group.

The story of Glen Group is not just of a big dream come true, but also a journey towards remarkable success.

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Carmela - Corporate Relations

Hi, I’m Carmela, Corporate Relations at Glen Group of Companies, and I’m excited to share my experience in this dynamic role.

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Kiran Brar - Executive Assistant

My role is to ensure that all Glen Group verticals are running smoothly and successfully. To ensure that our employees are happy, successful, and thriving. To ensure that our customers get the best from our team and company.

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Linley Byrne - Health and Safety Officer

Hello, I’m Linley Byrne, the Health and Safety Officer at Glen Traffic. Safety isn’t just a job—it’s a personal commitment. My daily goal is simple: to ensure everyone in our Glen Traffic family goes home safely after each shift.

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Paolou Lagrimas - Inventory Asset & Control Coordinator

Hi, I am Paolou Lagrimas, Inventory Asset and Control Coordinator. I absolutely love working at Glen Group because they truly care about their employees. 

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Joennie Catrine -

At Glen Group, we cherish and celebrate the power of individual voices. Our company is more than just a workplace; it’s a second home, a place where you can express your thoughts and ideas without hesitation. We’ve cultivated a nurturing space where authenticity is valued, allowing every employee to be true to themselves.

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