A Multi-Faceted Company: Diverse Expertise, Unlimited Possibilities

Innovative Strategies: How Group of Companies Thrive

Glen Group uses innovative strategies to drive success across its businesses by operating multiple legal entities. However, coordinating activities and aligning strategies can be challenging. To excel, the Glen Group establishes open communication for collaboration and implements centralized systems for efficient information sharing. With these solutions, the Group leverages its multi-company structure to thrive in diverse industries.

Strategic Planning for Aligning Business Units

The Glen Group employs meticulous organizational planning and decision-making led by its executive committee. Through comprehensive strategic planning, we define vision, mission, values, and priorities. Insights from individual business unit leaders are incorporated, analyzing market dynamics, opportunities, and obstacles. The resulting overarching strategy provides a roadmap for subsidiary companies to develop aligned strategies tailored to collective objectives. This collaborative approach ensures synergy across all levels, enabling sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Coordinating Activities for Operational Synergies

Operating across diverse sectors, the Glen Group works to align operations and optimize synergies among business units. A centralized management hub was instituted to foster cohesion. As a liaison between units, this office streamlines collaboration and leads group-wide initiatives in a warehouse, traffic management, security service,  job placement, renovation,  construction, etc. It identifies opportunities for units to leverage mutual strengths via alliances, joint ventures, or shared services. By promoting interconnectedness and partnerships, the Glen Group boosts efficiency and harnesses collective capabilities, propelling growth across its enterprises.

Encouraging Innovation at the Customer-Facing Edge

The Glen Group grants autonomy to subsidiaries to drive innovation at the customer’s edge. Aligned units have operational flexibility. An innovation fund backs high-potential initiatives from business units. Knowledge sharing happens via platforms, conferences, and talent rotation. This cross-pollination spreads innovative ideas. Though strategy originates in the Group, innovation occurs locally. Customer-facing subsidiaries interact directly with markets, resulting in new services and products. Flexibility and funding enable experimentation. Shared knowledge helps scale successes group-wide.

Performance Management for Achieving Strategic Goals

The Glen Group focuses on performance management systems to excel as a conglomerate. Cascading targets align subsidiaries to group strategy. Business units regularly report progress on financial and non-financial key performance indicators. A framework outlines authority levels and accountability. Oversight and performance management drive collective results. Targets cascade down the structure. Units benchmark against key metrics. The framework and incentives align subsidiaries to group goals. Oversight protects shareholders.

Fostering Entrepreneurship Across the Group

Operating as an integrated group could dampen entrepreneurial spirit over time. To counter this, the Glen Group actively nurtures entrepreneurship across its companies. Subsidiaries maintain independent brand identities and decision-making autonomy. Individuals are rotated between units to spur fresh thinking. An intrapreneurship program helps employees incubate new ideas within or outside core businesses. Strategic minority investments in startups keep the Group attuned to emerging trends. These efforts retain the entrepreneurial mindset crucial for long-term success.


The Glen Group’s innovative strategies enable it to thrive as a successful conglomerate. Taking a strategic approach while empowering subsidiaries provides effective balance. Coordinating activities, encouraging innovation, maintaining governance, and nurturing entrepreneurship across the group drive continued growth. Other conglomerates can learn from the Glen Group’s model for operating integrated groups of companies.